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Sourcing Investments - Del Huse

Guide to Contracting for Building Work

Del Huse (COO of Sourcing Investments) provides you with tips for Building Contracts for property refurbishments.

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Sourcing Investments - Chris-Dowty-(2-of-87)-printRET HeadShot Centred

Raising The Standard

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Interview Series with CEO and Founder Chris Dowty

Sourcing Investments - Tina Walsh 1

Live Webinar with Tina Walsh – Author of “Property Sourcing Compliance”

Before beginning her property sourcing business, husband and wife team, Tina and Tony had risen up the property ladder by flipping properties. Tina then set up a property sourcing business in January 2012, but rather than diving in, she spent the first 10 months researching how to do this legally. It became apparent to her that many Sourcers operate without the required levels of compliance and has since been a leading light in driving higher standards in the industry. Tina researched and authored one of the best books on the topic and now delivers seminars and courses on compliance. This webinar will enable her to pass on to you some of the knowledge that she has spent years learning and applying in her own business; helping you as a property sourcer to protect yourself against the rigours of day-to-day issues.

The session included:

  • Q&A session with Tina hosted by Del Huse
  • Understanding the main areas of compliance relevant to Sourcers
  • Understanding the implications of non-compliance
  • Find out where most Sourcers are getting it wrong
  • Find out how to become compliant
  • You got a chance to ask your own questions live to Tina.
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