Designed Specifically for Sourcing Agents

Chris Dowty explains how the Sourcing Investments Platform has been specifically designed to solve the major issues for any Sourcing Agent and how it is revolutionising the industry for Sourcers and Investors alike

Industry Game Changing Solutions

Our platform gives sourcing agents access to a complete business scaling solution which they would find very difficult and very time consuming to create themselves. We've identified and created the tools and systems to make the business of transacting investment properties as safe, secure and efficient as possible, whilst connecting them to a global audience of verified investors who want to leverage the skill and local knowledge of a sourcing agent to get a deal done

Investor Verification

Know that investors have been pre-qualified and are 95% ready to buy

Integrated Legal Contracts

Standardised legal contracts are signed every step of the way to protect all parties

Secure Escrow Services

Make sure you get paid! All funds for a deal are held in a secure, ring-fenced and insurance backed Bank Account

Scalable CRM Systems

Easily manage multiple investors on different projects in one place

Access Anywhere

Upload properties, message investors too, all on the move

Data and Digital Insights

Our system provides you detailed data to help drive your business forward

Protected Resolution

If any thing should go wrong, we are here to find a solution with you

Personalised Business Dashboard

Manage all your property investments in our safe, secure system

Global Support

Our easy-to-use interface gives you quick access to expert support

Project Management Pro

A complete Project Management Tool for refurbishments is fully integrated into your platform

Independent RICS Surveys

Integrated one click request by Investors for RICS surveys in England and Wales

Client AML Integration

Take the hassle out of AML and KYC for each client by using our integrated 3rd party software

Problem 1 - Finding Genuine Investors!

How do you check who they say they are?

Do they have funding in place?

Do you trust them?

By spending so much effort on this, you are ultimately WASTING YOUR TIME!

So how can you solve this major problem, so that your time is spent creating generating revenue?


Solution - Verified Investor Programme

The Sourcing Investments Verified Investor™ programme (Purple Verified Icon ) means that investors have:

  • Been background checked and verified
  • Have proven they are a sophisticated investor  through a knowledge test
  • Have a verified they have active UK Bank Account

This means Sourcers can select who they deal with, so they are more efficient as a business, and as a result they will have the confidence in dealing with the investor for the duration of their investment journey. Learn More

Problem 2 - How do you stop investors going behind your back?

You’ve found a deal

You engage with an unverified “investor”

They do not acquire the property through you

Months later you find out they went behind your back!

So how can you solve this problem, as in today’s world people are always looking to short cut each other!

Solution - Integrated Digital Contracts

The Sourcing Investments integrated legal solution means that all parties are contracted before any initial contact. This means that Sourcing Agents have:

  • The confidence of knowing their deal is secure
  • All parties have agreed non circumvent clauses
  • All information between parties is stored independently and if required can by used at later date

This means Sourcing Agents do not have to worry about being taken advantage of by unethical people. They can simply focus on their business of getting the deal done and providing a great investment property for the investor. Learn More

Problem 3 - How do you make sure you get paid from investors?

You’ve found a deal

The investor’s property purchase completes

The investor owes you the sourcing fee balance and/or the Project Management fee for Refurbishment

They don’t pay or only pay part of it!

So how can a sourcing agent solve this problem, when taking a deposit is not enough, yet taking the full amount upfront is perceived as bad business?

Solution - Integrated Secure Escrow Services

The Sourcing Investments provide integrated, completely independent, ring fenced and insurance backed secure Escrow Services. This means that Sourcing Agents have:

  • The security of knowing they will receive their fees upon completely of a property
  • For Renovations, the Renovation Escrow Service provides an integrated stage payments process – meaning the Sourcing Agent and their build teams have confidence to know that money is there before any work commences
  • All parties concerned have full confidence in knowing all monies are secured and can be released at the touch of a button through the Business Conversation Area

This means Sourcing Agents do not have to worry about being taken advantage of by unethical people. They can simply focus on their business of getting the deal done and providing a great investment property for the investor. Learn More

Problem 4 - Are you satisfying all the industry Compliance requirements?

Anti Money Laundering processes and checks (ID checks, where is the money coming from)

Know your Client (KYC) – detailed understanding and evidencing who the client is incase of investigation

How are you handling client money over £10,000? With independent ring fenced client accounts for each transaction?

Are you fully registered and following procedures of the ICO, HMRC, TPO, PRS?

Does you PI insurance actually cover your business activities – we’ve found 95% of sourcers PI does not – you are exposed!

With authorities now coming down hard on Sourcing Agents, how are you making sure you are legal yet running your business at the same time?

Solution - This is what Sourcing Investments was Built for!

The Sourcing Investments platform was created to shine above the current industry who’s current reputation is very poor. We have built a system to allow Sourcing Agents:

  • To be completely compliant with the law and regulatory bodies
  • Professionalise their business and be better than the rest of the industry
  • Be 70% more efficient when dealing day to day with clients and investors
  • To focus on increasing business revenue – not solving just peoples problems for no upside
  • Be compliant, and execute day to day tasks effectively and legally

So stop trying ineffectively, when you can now scale your business with a support structure and team around you.

Welcome to the Sourcing Investments Family. Learn More

£2.1Million Sourcing Fees Generated to Mar 2020
419 Number of properties acquired to Mar 2020
£42Million Value of Investments acquired by Investors
32 hours Average time until first offer is made!

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Trust is vital in any business. That’s why all our Sourcing Agents are carefully vetted, there’s support for Investors in carrying out due diligence, and all payments are backed by cutting-edge security.

Clarity means that both the Investor and the Sourcing Agent understands exactly where they stand. No hidden fees, no sneaky conditions: we do everything we can to make things transparent for everyone.

Confidence in the your brand comes from working with Sourcing Investments who have transacted over £40 million successful UK property investments, our membership of professional organisations and our team of respected industry experts.



Q. What area’s work best for sourcing?!

A. The area you are in now! All we ask is that you understand what strategies work best in your area, and then you need to beat what anyone could do themselves from Rightmove. e.g. if a BTL cashflow yield strategy – your local market has an average 7% on 2 bed BTLs, then you should be at least 8%! That’s your USP as a sourcing agent.

Q. What is the Conversion Rate of using Sourcing Investments Platform?

A. Obviously this is completely dependent upon the quality of the deals you upload. But over the last 3 years the data provided by sourcing agents shows that by using Sourcing Investments their conversation rate of getting a property sold is 22%, compared to 9% using their own database.

Q. What is the cancellation process for a Sourcing Agent?

A. The cancellation period is 6 months from when you first notify Sourcing Investments. The reason this may appear to be long, is that you will still have access to the system to communicate and use all the systems (except, you will not be able to upload new properties) to complete any purchases or refurbishments you have with current investors. This means that all stakeholders continue to be safe and secure.

Q. What is the costs for Sourcing Agents?

A. Please review the Expert and Professional packages above and discover how you can growth your business with the Sourcing Investments platform

Q. Can Sourcing Agents provide Rent to Rent opportunities?

A. No. We have reviewed this strategy in detail over the years, and have seen that 99% of people who “provide” Rent to Rent strategies are unqualified and due to the lack of detailed legal knowledge and commercial experience with lenders, investors are exposed. So the simple answer is, find bricks and mortar opportunities and you will be successful