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Become a Referrer

Sourcing Investments connects committed property investors with trusted sourcing agents. Our powerful platform brings together serious investors, who are ready to buy, with agents specialising in sourcing investment properties. Our investors get instant, real-time access to dozens of properties, each one ripe for resale, redevelopment or rental. Our platform gives investors line of sight to deals they would find it very difficult and very time consuming to find themselves. Then we add the tools to make the business of transaction as safe, secure and efficient as possible and we connect our investors to hand picked trusted suppliers to help them to get the deal done.

We are expanding rapidly, with currently an average of over 105 new property investments being available each month*

Our referral programme provides the opportunity for introducers, be they individuals or corporates, to financially and through reputation, benefit from bringing their own network and connections to our platform.

*verified data as of 1st August 2018

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Who is this for?

For existing property investors, growing your property investment business successfully with Sourcing Investments, here is a chance to increase your kudos with family, friends, and colleagues, by showing them how proud and confident you are with your choice to be part of the market leader in high yielding, transparent, property investing.

Once you have signed up to become an official referrer – for each successful referral – you will automatically earn £100 when your reffered Investor becomes a paying subscriber.

For corporate referrers we offer, where desired, co-branded registration pages, to give you the brand recognition with your referred customers and clients. This is intended to reinforce the valuable introduction you are making. Corporate referrers receive a referral fee for every successful sign up. For more detailed pricing information contact our Corporate Team.

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Referred Investors Support

From advice on hunting out great properties through to signing the paperwork, Sourcing Investments supports investors through all aspects of the investment process. Our easy-to-use interface gives any referred investor quick access to expert help. This includes our Power Team — experienced professionals, there to assist them with the legal and financial aspects of their property deal, as well as connecting them with cost-efficient services like surveyors, foreign exchange, and insurance. Together with our utility brokers, our translation service, our in-house customer service team and the document library, we make the road to investment as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Any referrer therefore has the confidence and peace of mind, in any referral they make, knowing Sourcing Investments is there at all stages for any of their referred friends and colleagues.

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Tracking Technology

The Sourcing Investments platform has been designed to save hours of precious time.

Any referrer will have access to their own personal dashboard, which will track all their referrals, if they have been successful, and payments due to them. All at the touch of a button.

Who qualifies as a referrer?

You can be an individual, part of a professional network, a businesses or a corporate entity. We have different levels of the Referrer Programme – So please contact us for more information.


Who is an ideal referral?

As a guide, professional people, who speak and write english fluently, who have a minimum of £50,000 (GBP) capital available. This is to make sure that you set the right expectations and they have a smooth start to their investment journey.


What Happens Next?

Upon registering, all your details will be checked and verified. You will then receive an official activation from the Sourcing Investments Referrer Team, from who you will receive further information, referrer collateral, a unique tracking code and account login details. You will also receive a call directly from our Referrer Support Team to get you started.

You can then simply start spreading the word with a smile and confidence.

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