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In a nutshell

Sourcing Investments connects committed property investors with trusted sourcing agents and an exclusive power team. Our powerful platform brings together serious investors, who are ready to buy, with agents specialising in sourcing investment properties. Our investors get instant, real-time access to dozens of properties, each one ripe for resale, redevelopment or rental. Our platform gives investors a line of sight to deals they would find it very difficult and very time consuming to find themselves. Then we add the tools to make the business of transacting as safe, secure and efficient as possible and we connect our investors to hand-picked trusted suppliers to help them to get the deal done.

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Your Personalised Investment Dashboard

The Sourcing Investments platform is designed to save investors hours of precious time. Once logged in, your personal dashboard gives you a window into your investment business, with all the controls and tools at your fingertips. From here you can search properties, monitor and engage in business conversations and access the many tools and features of the platform.

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The Property Grid

Welcome to the Sourcing Investments Property Grid – Finding the perfect investment property — the one that matches your personal investment needs — can be a long, tedious process. Our intelligent filtering system puts an end to wading through endless unsuitable properties. It lets you choose only those properties that fit your budget, preferred region and (best of all) your personal investment strategy, be that a buy to let, a flip, an HMO or a commercial redevelopment. You can even see which properties are new and exclusive to Sourcing Investments clients.

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Secure Communication

When it’s time to make a deal, all the communication is done through the secure conversation facility we created as an industry leader – it’s a far safer, more transparent way of doing business that protects all parties involved. It’s convenient too: with everything stored in one place, there’s no more losing that one vital message. All conversations are stored in your personalised area, to ensure an entire record is there for you of who said what and when. No more “he said this”, “she said that” after the event, giving far more transparency to the whole investment process.

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From advice on hunting out great properties through to signing the paperwork, Sourcing Investments supports you through all aspects of the investment process. Our easy-to-use interface gives you quick access to expert help. This includes our Power Team — experienced professionals, there to assist you with the legal and financial aspects of your property deal, as well as connecting you with cost-efficient services like surveyors, foreign exchange, and insurance. Together with our utility brokers, our translation service, our in-house customer service team and the document library, we make the road to investment as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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Local knowledge

The success key behind all property investing and the Sourcing Investments platform is local knowledge. Our independent sourcing agents are truly local, covering specific towns and cities in the UK where they have deep local knowledge and insight. Sourcers will have deep and longstanding relationships with local estate agents, landlords, planners, architects, builders and other service providers, built up over many years, which enables them to uncover and create property opportunities which are difficult to replicate.

Successful investors pay attention to the details. Knowing the nitty-gritty about a property’s renovation costs, monthly bills, target demographic for rental can make the difference between a mediocre investment and a great one. Just as important is local information, such as any major investment in the area. The Sourcing Investments platform puts this local knowledge at your disposal and lets you drill down into street-level information. It’s all here to take the guesswork out of investing.

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Secure Escrow Service

To further enhance safety and certainty for investors and sourcers, we brought the use of an escrow service to the property sourcing investment arena. Our escrow account is a separate account, monitored, and administered by Sourcing Investments, in a secure, ring-fenced and insurance backed bank account. Investors can lodge their sourcing fees, the fee they pay to a sourcing agent for a deal, into the account, to be held until a deal is concluded. If a transaction doesn’t proceed to completion then funds can be distributed accordingly, to the sourcer and investor as appropriate, in line with their agreed investment contract. As a result, all parties know where they stand and know that sourcing fees will end up in the right place at the conclusion of a deal.

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Protected Resolution

In the real world we have to be ready for all eventualities, therefore if an unfortunate situation arises, then the Sourcing Investments Resolution Centre is here to assist with any disputes or other serious issues. Sourcing Investments requires that all of its sourcing agents are members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO) and we have built into the terms and conditions the ability to escalate disputes quickly to the TPO if necessary. This provides investors and sourcers with greater confidence from effective procedure and protection in their respective business dealings.

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Investment Research Area and Reports

To make sure the power is in your hands, Sourcing Investments provide investors with a dedicated investment research area. This allows investors to have access to market data and statistics, enabling deep dive research for any investments being reviewed by an investor. For investors that wish to speed up this process, and make time-saving efficiencies, Sourcing Investments have teamed up with a dedicated expert research company, who can provide individual research reports for investors on their target properties.

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Integrated Banking Services

Good investors know speed is of the essence. Therefore to make sure no time is lost for overseas investors, Sourcing Investments have a dedicated integrated online banking platform, that allows investors to apply for a UK bank account (personal or business) and use it for any aspects for their investment business, from transferring money into the UK to purchase a property, through to the collection of rent from ongoing investments. This banking service provides market-leading turnaround times to open accounts, whilst being fully compliant in the UK.

*all applications are reviewed on a case by case basis

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Investor Testimonials

We stand by all our clients, and with so much to talk about regarding property investing success with Sourcing Investments, why don’t you find out for yourself by watching and reading real people who are changing their lives for the better with Sourcing Investments.

Investor Testimonials

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