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Our success is firmly rooted in the efforts and enthusiasm of our amazing team

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Chris Dowty - Founder and CEO

Chris is our Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Chris had previously worked in large corporates, such as PA consulting and Intel Corporation, before immersing himself in the property sector. He is an experienced property investor in his own right, including leading a £35m London-based property fund, and building his own HMO and BTL portfolio. Chris has also trained and mentored a large number of International and UK property investors on their own property journey.

Chris is always the person to ask ‘why’ and challenge the status quo – and after seeing the challenges faced his own property investment trainees, venturing into the largely unregulated property investing market, he decided to do something about it. That’s how Sourcing Investments was born – to create a secure, trusted and independent marketplace, giving investors that crucial line of sight to local investments and teams they could not secure themselves.

His limited spare time is mostly spent thinking of new ideas, Oh, and he enjoys a bit of golf, with his modest handicap of 3, so if you’d prefer a discussion over a round of golf rather than a desk, then let him know!


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Del Huse - COO

Del Huse is our Chief Operating Officer. A qualified Chartered Accountant, Del has spent the majority of his career in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, and private equity. He brings with him a wealth of business experience.

Del originally trained at accountants Arthur Andersen before moving to co-head the M&A team at Kroll (now Alix Partners), and later working as a Managing Director of private equity funds at Endless and Oakley Capital private equity. More recently Del ran his own investment and advisory business, Roycian. Having spent his career advising, and investing into, SME businesses in the UK and Europe, and with extensive Board-level experience, Del joined the fold in 2018 to build on the ongoing success of Sourcing Investments.

An average triathlete, a slightly better cook and a truly awful singer, Del loves nothing more than a barbeque in the sunshine with good music, good friends and some great red wine!


Sourcing Investments - Darryl

Darryl James - Head of IT and Systems

Darryl is our Project Manager, leading the Sourcing Investments Technical Team. Darryl has been running his own Website Design and IT Support business for 7 years, dealing with companies from local small businesses through to global Military Defence Suppliers.

As the Founder and CEO of his own business, he has extensive experience in dealing with projects and clients from concept to delivery across multiple industries.

Darryl’s original background was in Financial Services at Lloyds Bank, and then as a Mortgage Adviser. When the financial crash happened in 2008, he retrained and moved to into Website Design and IT Support, and the rest is history.

In his own time, Darryl loves to cycle, paraglide, spend time with his family and then cycle some more!

Sourcing Investments - Laura

Laura Highmore - Head of Customer Service

Laura Highmore is our Head of Customer Relations, and Personal Assistant to the management team at SI. Laura is one of your first points of customer service contact.

Laura’ s working background has mostly come from the recruitment industry, building client relationships and managing key accounts as well as supporting the management team. She has an enthusiasm for Customer service, and has highly-optimised organisation skills – some may call it OCD!

Laura has a young family and enjoys long country walks, summer beach barbecues and a glass of bubbles.

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Kellie Larkkom-Till - Customer Service

Kellie has a strong background in customer relations. Her background includes a career in the airline industry as cabin crew through to operation controller, where her organisational and planning skills were paramount to the role.

Kellie prides herself on offering outstanding customer service. At SI her enthusiastic approach, combined with a friendly, genuine dedication to customer satisfaction is a very valuable asset.

During her free time, Kellie enjoys going on adventures with her family, travelling and – on the rare occasions she is home alone – Netflix!

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Anthony De Vries - Head of Training and Mentoring

Anthony is our Head of Mentoring and Support. Born in Cape Town, South Africa, he came to the UK for two years in 1999 to find fame and fortune and returned 20 years later with a wife, two kids and three cats! He’s still chasing the fame, but did find out one way to fortune is through property and within two years was financially free. It took a redundancy to make it happen and keeping to set strategies.

Property enables him to leverage his time- allowing him to take the girls to school, spend time at the beach and help others to do the same. All while his portfolio in the UK is managed by his agents and his team. Anthony has now mentored over 200 students over the past five years, giving them invaluable advise and long term support.

When he’s not mentoring and coaching his students, Anthony loves to encourage the youth of today to think of how they can generate passive income. He loves spending time with friends and family, organising charity events and teaching his girls to surf. If he is not at the beach, you’ll find him playing Chess or Risk – after all he is a strategist!

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Simon Shankland - Mentor and Investor Support

Simon is a personable and intuitive investment professional, having worked with companies and investors to identify, source and strategise their property investments. Simon’s vision and perspective, gives investors the confidence to deliver results for themselves.

Simon has worked in the UK Property Investment industry for over 14 years. In which time he has helped over 900 clients design and implement specific portfolio building strategies.  He has sold over £550M worth of residential investment property and built a company that manages over 1400 properties for investors.

“The key in building a successful property portfolio is not just down to the property. For sure, the property is a very important element in the equation, don’t get me wrong! However, in my experience, the success is often down to the investor themselves, their belief systems, willingness to be professionally educated, critical assessment of self, definition of their goals and then of course, the implementation of their strategy.’’

During his free time, Simon loves watching rugby, and has even successfully run the Marathon de Sables (the toughest footrace on earth) You need to ask him about this! Amazing!

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Tim Sanders - Investor Support

Tim Sanders is a UK property investor, and a registered landlord in England and Scotland. Tim has a business and acrobatic background; being co-founder and director of a successful fitness centre in Macau, China, where he coordinated full commercial renovation projects, working with people from a broad spectrum of cultures and backgrounds. He is also a former world class acrobat and gymnast, giving him commitment, resilience and discipline, which transfers nicely to his passion for property investment. Tim has always mixed academia and business alongside sport and acrobatics, creating the important skill of juggling a number of projects and deadlines at the same time; crucial when managing property deals and renovation projects.

Sourcing Investments - Tony Walsh Profile Pic

Tony Walsh - Sourcer Ecosystem Manager

Tony’s passion for property blossomed when he met is wife Tina and it had always been the plan to set up and run a business with her when he retired from his day job as a Police Officer.

After serving 30 years in the Lancashire Constabulary, in July 2016 Tony joined Tina in their property sourcing business; providing a bespoke sourcing service throughout the UK by linking up with other compliant sourcers.  He also continues to support Tina on her journey to increase awareness, knowledge and professionalism within the sourcing sector.

Privately Tony enjoys travel, spending time in their garden and also drink red wine, not necessarily in that order!  Together he and Tina have three grown up children, Rebecca, Sarah & David and live in the Ribble Valley.  They dipped their toes into the investment market again purchasing a freehold block of flats on the Fylde coast area in September 2017, refurbished and flipped into the Healthcare Sector in January 2018 – Good work Tony!

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Bonnie Marshall - Sourcer Ecosystem Manager

Originally trained as a fashion designer and pattern cutter, it became quickly evident, with her keen eye for attention to detail and her thirst for knowledge, that this was not what she was meant to do.  She realised very quickly, she loved business more than she loved fashion.

After 20 years in the Retail sector, she developed a sound knowledge of what is needed in setting up and running businesses effectively.  On being made ‘redundant’ she was highly excited for her future.  She retrained and spent time in property which resulted in her running her own independent sourcing company, which gives her great insights into the successes and pit-falls of ‘becoming a sourcer’ herself.

In her own time, Bonnie loves power walk, do yoga, go on holiday, read and spend quality time with family and friends.

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