Unlock Your Property Sourcing Potential with Expert Training & Compliance Support

Partnering with Rhema Sourcing Training, we empower you to navigate the UK property market compliantly and successfully.

Rhema Sourcer Training & Compliance Vault from Sourcing Investments
Sourcing Investments Property Marketplace

Begin your lucrative journey in property sourcing with Rhema’s in-depth training, and ensure complete compliance with Sourcing Investments’ Compliance Vault.

How Will This training benefit me?

From understanding various property strategies to connecting with housing associations and legal deal packaging, we equip you for success. The training is perfect for anyone in property or wanting to get started.  

Property Sourcing Compliance for Estate Agents and Letting Agents

A New Career

Break into the Property Sourcing Sector and become the expert in your area.

Property Sourcing compliance for Agents

A Sourcing Agent

You have a business and want to focus on income generation.

Property Sourcing Compliance for Investors

A Property Investor

You want to sell on investment deals you find to other investors.

Do I need compliance, is it crucial?

In short, yes. You need to be compliant to source and package properties for sale to investors.

Property Sourcing Compliance is a legal requirement for all sourcing agents, letting agents and estate agents in the UK. The fines can be eye-watering. It ensures you operate within the UK laws and it also allows you to build trust with clients and avoid legal hassles.

What Do You Get?

When you purchase the Complete Sourcer Training and Compliance Package you will receive the following:

Rhema Sourcer Training & Compliance Vault from Sourcing Investments

Rhema Sourcing Training

Plus - You Get So Much More!

Compliance Vault Sourcing Agents get FULL ACCESS to our marketplace platform and Global Property Investors

Rhema Sourcer Training & Compliance Vault from Sourcing Investments

Sourcing Investments Compliance Vault

Remind me how much it costs?

You get comprehensive training modules and benefit from a seamless compliance process, all for a one-time fee of £2350.

To give you a comparison. For an average Sourcing Agent to do all their own compliance without any training would cost more than £2200 per year and about 200 hours of work just to maintain that compliance. With this package you get comprehensive training and support, legal sourcing compliance and the icing on the cake – unlimited listings on the Sourcing Investment Marketplace saving you a further £600!

You can even choose to finance the cost over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.  Check out our payment calculator HERE

When are the next Training Courses?

This section of the page will be updated regularly with the next available course dates. 

  • Thursday 14th December – Friday 15th December – CLOSED
  • Thursday 18th January – Friday 19th Janaury – CLOSED
  • New dates coming – SIGN UP NOW!

How can you attend one of our Property Sourcing Training events?

We’ve got 3 great options designed to suit your schedule:

  • Option 1: Live online
  • Option 2: In-person
  • Option 3: Online Pre recorded sessions
You don’t need to choose right now.  Once you’ve paid for your training you can select the option that works best for you. 

Ready to propel your property sourcing career?

Fill out the form to begin your journey with expert training and comprehensive compliance support. Then check your email for the next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I fill in the form?

A great question.  

→ We’ll send you an email with details of how to register on the Sourcing Investments platform and how to pay for the training and compliance package.  Our team is always available to help. 

→ We hate spam as much as you so you’re details will never be passed to a third party and we’ll only get in touch with relevant information and/or offers. 

What does the £2350 package include?

The package includes a 2-day sourcing training program by Rhema and a year of compliance support through Sourcing Investments’ Compliance Vault.

Are there payment options?


→ We accept all major credit and debit cards and we partner with PayL8r to provide finance options over 3, 6, 9 and 12 month terms. Check out the payment calculator below these FAQs. 

→ Finance is subject to your credit profile and acceptance by PayL8r. Please allow upto 24 hours for processing but it’s often much quicker. **IMPORTANT** You must use a personal bank card and not a business card when applying for finance.

→ If you would like to pay by another method please contact admin@sourcinginvestments.co.uk and we’ll do our best to accomodate your request. 

What kind of support will I receive post-training?

Post-training, you’ll receive 12 months of support limited to one 30-minute phone call per week, full compliance, and insurance for a year via Sourcing Investments.

How is the Compliance Vault beneficial for me?

The Compliance Vault simplifies the compliance process, saves you at least £700 and upto 200 hours of work annually, provides a complete suite of compliance documentation, and ensures your operations are legally compliant​.  You also get access to the marketplace platform with unlimited listings, worth a further £600.

What happens if I sign up less than 14 days before the training commences?

If you sign up less than 14 days before the training, you waive the right to the 14-day cooling-off period and you must pay using a debit or credit card.  

The finance option requires application processing which is normally done within 24 hours but can take longer and we require enough time to enrol you on the course. 

What is the refund policy?

You have a right to a 14-day cooling-off period where a refund can be requested minus a loan arrangement fee (if applicable) unless you have waived that right by choosing to join a training course that begins within the 14 day period.

Is the finance option personal or business finance?

The pay monthly option with PayL8r is a personal finance loan and you must use a personal bank card when applying. It’s not a business loan.

Please ensure you provide everything requested in the application or it could result in a delay or your application being declined.  

Here's what other Agents have said about the Compliance Vault...

Propertuy Sourcing Compliance Vault
Property Sourcing Compliance Vault
Property Sourcing Compliance Vault

Invest in yourself. All our packages are available on finance to help spread the cost.

Choose Payl8r to help spread the cost and make monthly payments

Use the calculator to see what your monthly payments could potentially look like:

Spread the cost of Property Sourcing Compliance

*The 4% interest rate given in this calculator is based on a representative example and is subject to creditworthiness and can range anywhere from 1% – 6%.

**Important** This is personal finance and you must use a personal bank card when applying for credit.

Once you have registered, head to the My Account section and Buy Package.  Here you will be able to select the Rhema Sourcer Training + Compliance package.  Click Next and once you’ve completed your details you can select to Pay in Full by credit or debit card or choose the PayL8r Finance option. 


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