I recommend 100%. It might seem like it’s too good to be true but it’s actually a lot riskier and more time-consuming doing this yourself. The team has put a lot of energy creating a great product here to really benefit the sourcing community and put you ahead of the competition. This alone will set you apart from the herd!”

Sean Isherwood – Goldwood Property

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Who Requires Legal Compliance?

If you work in the UK Property Industry, then the Compliance Vault is ideal for you:

A Sourcing Agent

You have a business and want to focus on income generation

An Agency

Estate or Lettings Agents must be fully compliant to operate legally

A Property Investor

You want to sell your UK properties directly to incoming buyers

Requirements BY Association / REGULATORY BODY and their fees

HMRC (£340 per year)

  • Registration of the company with HMRC for Anti Money Laundering (AML) Certification
  • Documented processes and procedures of how to follow AML protocol
  • Client (Individuals, Companies) onboarding forms and documentation
  • Annual update of an AML Policy and Procedure documentation to reflect any legislation changes by HMRC or UK Government

ICO (£40 per year)

  • Registration with Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
  • GDPR Privacy Policy Document
  • Internal training process document for any persons/contractors or employees

TPO / PRS (£345 per year)

  • Active Annual membership to one of the property industry regulatory bodies


  • Professional Indemnity Insurance specifically for Property Finding Agent / Sourcing Agent
  • Important: If it is just general PI for business then it will not protect your business, you individually, or your clients


  • Compliance AML Policy and Documentation (£400)
  • Legal Contracts for Investors (£750)

 Total =




Save Hours of Work, Stress, and Risk of Fines

for only £599 per year


Get Compliant Now

What Do You Get?

When you purchase the Compliance Vault you will receive the following:

Client Onboarding Document Suite

Full suite of documents for onboarding all client types - Customisable with your own branding

Professional Indemnity Insurance

You receive immediate cover from the only dedicated Agent PI Insurance Policy in the market, which covers you for all agent activities

Complete Compliance Documentation

You will be covered by a complete suite of Compliance Documentation: including Privacy Policy and AML Policy

Association of HMRC, PRS and ICO

We have done the hard work, so you will be covered under HMRC, TPO and ICO at the click of a button!

Secure and Safe

We hold your Documentation, Policies and Certificates in the Compliance Vault - so you always have peace of mind!

Auto Updates

All Legislative updates will be done for you - so you never need to worry - we will continue to review any changes in HMRC or UK Government Policy

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