How to find Buy to Let Properties

26th November 2021 Investor News

How to find Buy to Let Properties

This question is asked a lot.  And there wasn’t an easy answer. Because every person looking how to find buy to let properties, has different goals, budgets and areas.

Traditional searching methods

If you’re looking for a house to live in, you visit your local agents. Or you check Zoopla or Rightmove to find the perfect property for you.  But when it comes to buy to let investment properties these traditional methods can often yield disappointing results. This is simply due to the amount of competition not only from other investors but also first-time or residential buyers.  It can mean all of a sudden there’s simply no margin left in the property.

A better way to find buy to let properties

Chris Dowty (CEO of Sourcing Investments) decided there had to be a better way of finding buy to let properties.  So, in 2015 he set up Sourcing Investments.

Headquartered in London, Sourcing Investments has built an online platform to bring Investors and vetted property Sourcing Agents together into a highly secure, trusted and proven investment marketplace.

Investors on the platform enjoy high rates of success on their property deals and the returns on our properties far exceed UK averages. This platform has also made it incredibly simple to invest from afar to access the best deals and returns which aren’t always on your doorstep.

how to find buy to let properties

Sourcing Property Investments

The platform gives you everything you need find, buy and manage investment properties across the UK.  Currently deals sold on the SI Platform average an incredible 14% gross rental yield. And with professional agents across each area of the UK you can easily find and purchase a buy to let property from the comfort of your own home or even on the go through the SI Sinc App.

Remember, the majority of the properties on Sourcing Investments are Off-Market so you simply will not see them anywhere else. And even better your funds are fully protected through the secure in-house escrow service.

You’ll find buy to let investment properties from £20k to £1M + as well as all the major investment strategies; Flips, redevelopment, HMOs, Buy to Lets, Commercial and more.

Extra help if you need it…

The professional team at Sourcing Investments is there to help every step of the way but if you want to build your portfolio or even make a career out of property then you can choose from a number of training, support and mentoring programs all run by industry experts.

Managed Investment Service

If you want to invest in buy to let properties but lack the time or knowledge then you can access the Managed Service.  The Managed Service is for those Investors who want a truly “hands-off” investment experience and want to outsource the heavy lifting to the experts at Sourcing Investments.

The Managed Service suits those investors who don’t have the time, experience or inclination to find, acquire and oversee their own projects. Sourcing Investments can do this for you, on a single property, or build you a portfolio.

Have an initial call with an experienced property investor from the Managed Service team, about your goals, your budget and the best way to get you to your goals. It’s as simple as that!

That is how you find buy to let properties

Stop wasting your time on Zoopla, Rightmove or scanning the windows of your local estate agents.  Register and start searching on Sourcing Investments immediately.

Your perfect investment is waiting for you!

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Chris Dowty

CEO, Sourcing Investments


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