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How to Sell Your Property on a PLO
19 Jul, 2022
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In this guest blog, Simon Zutshi is going to share with you how you could sell property using a purchase lease option. You can also watch his video on Purchase Lease Options at the bottom of this blog. First, who is Simon Zutshi and what does he know about how to sell property on a […]

UK Property Market could see an increase in value of £60bn
16 Feb, 2022
Catagories: Investor News, Sourcer News

With government plans to ‘level up’ across many areas in the UK, the property market could see an increase in values of £60bn. This comes from the latest research by the developer StripeHomes. The funds are targeted at regeneration projects to transform local areas, improving housing and infrastructure. Up to 100 areas across the UK […]

The Property Redress Scheme – Do I need to join the PRS?
18 Jan, 2022
Catagories: Sourcer News

The PRS or Property Redress Scheme is a government authorised redress scheme and it is a legal requirement for all lettings, property management and sourcing agents to a member of a redress scheme. So, if you are an agent, in a word YES, you need to join a Redress Scheme. But, before you run off […]

The property sector faces a high risk from money laundering
09 Dec, 2021
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Credit: Article by David Prosser, AML Rightsource The Property sector is under pressure to improve its AML practices, as criminals step up their efforts to launder their dirty money through property. The UK’s property market has become a prime target for international money laundering, with high-end luxury properties in London proving particularly attractive to criminals […]

I got Property Sourcing Compliant with Sourcing Investments
26 Nov, 2021
Catagories: Company News, Sourcer News

How to get Property Sourcing Compliant Getting Property Sourcing Compliant used to be a nightmare! If you source properties as a Sourcing Agent, Letting Agent, estate agent or Property Investor who works in the UK Property Industry, then you know how much of a headache Property Sourcing Compliance is and with ever-increasing regulations, it’s only […]

Sourcing & Letting Agent Bank Accounts are being refused!
26 Nov, 2021
Catagories: Sourcer News

More and more Sourcing & Letting Agent Client Bank Accounts are being refused!  These accounts are required to comply with Anti-money Laundering legislation and are designed to protect a client’s funds as well as agents fees. Banks Closing Sourcing & Letting Agent Bank Accounts It’s been reported that even large established agents have found banks […]

Buy to Let Rent – Rental Rates are on the Rise
26 Nov, 2021
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Buy to Let Rent Rise.  The UK property market has been incredibly buoyant over the course of the pandemic with strong growth seen across nearly all areas of the UK. Buy to let rent and rental rates are on the rise. In London which saw rental rates and capital growth remain stagnant, the picture is […]

How to find Buy to Let Properties
26 Nov, 2021
Catagories: Investor News

This question is asked a lot.  And there wasn’t an easy answer. Because every person looking how to find buy to let properties, has different goals, budgets and areas. Traditional searching methods If you’re looking for a house to live in, you visit your local agents. Or you check Zoopla or Rightmove to find the […]