Product Overview

The complete solution for property investors - Education, Investment and Support

We set out with a vision for property investing, which we remain true to today:

To deliver the opportunity for superior property investment returns which most Investors would find hard to replicate themselves

To make the process of executing investments easier, more efficient, quicker and more secure. In short, to be THE marketplace for property investment

Today our offering includes:

Best in class property education and training

The investment platform, to enable Investors to get deals done

Long term mentoring and support during the investment phase

You can access as much or little of our services as suits your personal circumstances.

Education and Training

We deliver ‘best in class’ property education and training, enhancing the skills and knowledge of our Investors to equip them for successful investing.  Our programmes include a range of resources from downloadable videos, to online group training, to the most comprehensive and in depth one-to-one face to face tutoring, suiting all skills levels and all budgets.  We are passionate about empowering students to be able to execute their property ambitions and design our programmes to work alongside our property investment platform – integrating learning with the capability to execute and get deals done.  Combining property education with the investment platform is really a unique proposition for the property investment market and is what sets us apart.


The Investment Platform

The Investment Platform connects committed property Investors with compliant sourcing agents and an exclusive team of experts and professionals to get deals done.   Investors get instant, real-time access to dozens of properties, across HMOs, Flips, Redevelopments, Buy-to-Lets and more.  Our platform gives Investors a line of sight to deals they would find it very difficult and very time consuming to find themselves.  We then provide the tools and systems to make the business of transacting as safe, secure and efficient as possible.

Long Term Mentoring and Support

Once property Investors enter the investment phase, we know that many of them want ongoing support during their investment journey.  To enable this we provide long term mentoring and support from seasoned property professionals, who the Investors can lean on, to answer questions, help to identify and mitigate risk, provide support on deal analysis – if fact Investors are free to use their mentoring time however they see fit, if their mentor can help and support their investment journey in any way.

Managed Service

For those investors seeking a truly hands-off experience, we also provide the Managed Service.  The Exclusive Managed Service is unique, drawing together the full experience of the Sourcing Investments platform, qualified sourcing agents and experienced property investors. Using the service, you can outsource almost all of your work, to acquire a single property or build a portfolio, to suit your needs.  SI can do all the property searching, acquisition management and project oversight for you, to deliver your properties for you.