Investment Platform Features

This is what you get from THE property investment marketplace

Personalised Investment Dashboard

The Sourcing Investments platform is designed to save Investors hours of precious time. Once logged in, your personal dashboard gives you a window into your investment business, with all the controls and tools at your fingertips. From here you can search properties, monitor and engage in business conversations, make offers and access the many tools and features of the platform.

The Property Grid

The Sourcing Investments Property Grid enables Investors to find their perfect investment property — the one that matches your personal investment needs — which can otherwise be a long and tedious process. Our intelligent system puts an end to wading through endless unsuitable properties, letting you choose only those properties that fit your budget, preferred region and (best of all) your personal investment strategy, be that buy to lets, flips, HMOs or commercial developments.

Secure Communication

When it’s time to make a deal, all the communication is done through the secure conversation facility that we created as an industry leader – it’s a far safer, more transparent way of doing business that protects all parties involved. It’s convenient too, with everything stored in one place, there’s no more losing that one vital message. All conversations are stored in your personalised area, to ensure an entire record is there for you of who said what and when. No more “he said this”, “she said that” after the event, giving far more transparency to the whole investment process.

The SI App

Our App provides the ability to use SI on the move.  You can access from anywhere, see your properties and stay on top of your deal.  Importantly the conversation system is fully integrated and offers you real time messaging with the people relevant to your deal, such as your sourcer, to keep your project moving forward.

Secure Fee Escrow Service

To enhance safety for Investors we brought the use of an escrow service to the property sourcing arena. Our escrow account is monitored and administered by Sourcing Investments, in a secure, ring-fenced and insurance backed bank account. Investors can lodge their sourcing fees into the account, to be held there until a deal is concluded. As a result, all parties know where they stand and know that sourcing fees will end up in the right place at the conclusion of a deal.

Full Support

From advice on hunting out great properties through to signing the paperwork, Sourcing Investments supports you through all aspects of the investment process. Our easy-to-use interface gives you quick access to expert help. Together with support from utility brokers, our translation service, our in-house customer service team and the document library, we make the road to investment as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Power Team

As part of making the investment process as straightforward and efficient as possible, Sourcing Investments has partnered with a range of advisers and service providers to deliver expert solutions to Sourcing Investments customers.  These parties come together to form the Sourcing Investments Power Team, with many offering preferred terms to SI customers, which Investors can utilise to effectively execute their deals. The Power team includes Solicitors/Conveyancers, Finance Brokers, Insurance Brokers, Utility providers, Foreign Exchange Broker, Surveyors and more.

Deal Issue Resolution

In the real world we have to be ready for all eventualities, therefore if an unfortunate situation arises, then the Sourcing Investments Resolution Centre is here to assist with any disputes or other issues. Sourcing Investments requires that all its sourcing agents are members of The Property Ombudsman (TPO) or Property Redress Scheme (PRS) and we have built into the terms and conditions the ability to escalate disputes quickly to the relevant body if necessary. This provides Investors and sourcers with greater confidence, with effective procedures in place.

Property Research and Due Diligence Reports

The platform provides access to an Independent Professional Investor Team who you can outsource your property research to.  The team can deliver a customised report on your target property within  five days. The Independent third party report provides clear data and recommendations, giving you greater peace of mind for your investment decisions.  Reports include Location Analysis, Demographic Analysis, Local Market Value Analysis, Rental Analysis, Model Investment Analysis and more.  Save time and resources by outsourcing to professionals.

Contractual Protection

We provide a standardised set of legal contracts between the parties.  Sourcers and Investors are subject to terms and conditions when using the platform, and when deals are done on the platform these are on standard terms directly between the Sourcer and the Investor.  This gives all parties good levels of legal protection, helping to manage risk and safeguard your deals.

Refurb Project Management

A unique project management tool for refurbishments is fully integrated into your deals. Our system drives security, protection and structure on the project management aspects of any refurbishment or building works and enables you to protect your cash, whilst giving the contractor the confidence that they will get paid when works are complete. Our Renovation Escrow Service provides an elegant solution to the long-standing property sector problems around managing the cashflow on refurb projects.  No more builders disappearing with your money!

Leverage Local knowledge

The success key behind all property investing is local knowledge. Our independent sourcing agents are truly local, covering specific towns and cities in the UK where they have deep local knowledge and insight. Sourcers will have longstanding relationships with local estate agents, landlords, planners, architects, builders and other service providers, built up over many years, which enables them to uncover and create property opportunities which are difficult to replicate yourself.  The Sourcing Investments platform puts this local knowledge at your disposal.

Security and Confidence

A key part of what we have delivered is about improving the security, trust and confidence in the property investment process – this market has its share of unscrupulous operators, so we have worked hard to find ways to eradicate some of the risks involved. We have built a secure technology platform to provide users with confidence. Many of the features and tools on the platform have been designed to reduce Investor risk.   The directors of Sourcing Investments take business integrity and reputation very seriously. Whilst we work in a largely unregulated area of the investment market, we operate our business with systems and compliance measures that we would expect to find in a more heavily regulated environment.