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Perfect for investors who wish to outsource to a professional investing team

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The Managed Service is for those customers who want a truly “hands off” investment experience and want to outsource the heavy lifting to us.

The Managed Service suits those investors who don’t have the time, experience or inclination to find, acquire and oversee their own projects.

Sourcing Investments can do this for you, on a single property, or build you a portfolio.

How do we do this:

We bring together the full experience of the Sourcing Investments platform, with qualified sourcing agents and experienced property investors. Our internal Managed Service team will:

Understand your strategy

Identify suitable properties

Undertake due diligence

Manage the purchase process

Co-ordinate renovations

Engage Lettings / Sales agents

We deliver an end-to-end service for you.

We charge fees based on the size and complexity of the project

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Step 1: Strategy Call

An initial call with an experienced property investor from the Managed Service team, about your goals, your budget and the best way to get you to your goals. We look at:

  • Analysis of your current position
  • Strategy definition
  • Investment targets
  • Investment structures

Step 2: Search

With your strategy and targets now set, we use the Sourcing Investments Platform to execute your search including:

  • Presenting a selection of properties matching your strategy
  • Site visits
  • Initial research thoughts
  • Overview of likely refurbishments costs
  • Plan your due diligence and deal appraisal on each property, to help you understand the precise investment proposition and risk profile

Ultimately the decision to invest remains yours, you are in control at every step of the way.

Step 3: Due Diligence

In the due diligence phase we do the following:

  • Use the experience of seasoned investment professionals to conduct their own desktop appraisal of the opportunity, doing their own research and modelling from a vast array of data sourcers to identify risk
  • Source and appoint expert professionals to undertake detailed due diligence including legal checks, property surveys and, where required, specialists such a engineers, damp inspections, structural specialists, drain surveys and more
  • Review and consider the professional reports and provide opinion to you on those reports and the risk impact to the investment opportunity

Step 4: Purchase

We work with all relevant counterparties to do as much as possible of the negotiation and execution to purchase the property on your behalf. This can take some time – approximately 12 weeks is quite normal.

Key milestones such as legal Exchange and Completion dates will be highlighted and we ensure you have done everything to be in a position to meet these steps.

We will recommend and utilise “Power Team” members to you at every relevant step, such as Solicitors, Surveyors, Insurance Brokers etc, and co-ordinate their Scope of Work and Contractual Arrangements with you.

Step 5: Renovation

Once you have completed on the purchase any required renovation can begin. We help select the contractor, including background checking and referencing. With each renovation, the Managed Service will see that a Schedule of Works and a timescale are provided by your Contractor.

The co-orination of the refurbishment process by SI Managed Service will include:

  • Using the secure SI Renovation Escrow service, for staged release of funds during the renovation. Giving you the investor the peace of mind and control over payments
  • Regular updates to confirm the renovation is on schedule and managing the release of payments accordingly
  • If the property requires Planning Permission or a HMO licence then the SI Managed Service will assist and advise you through this process
  • Co-ordination of the renovation performance including quality, timing and budget
  • Once the renovation process is complete, we see that a final snagging inspection is carried out by a qualified professional contracted to you, to confirm the renovation of the property is satisfactory and that final payment can be released

Step 6: Embedding your agent

The managed service will ensure an appropriate agent is embedded for you once the property is ready for sale or lettings.

If the property is to be tenanted for an income stream, then the SI Managed Service will ensure that you are connected to a suitable, tested and trusted Lettings Manager in the area.  You will then have an ongoing relationship with the lettings manager for the day to day running of the investment.

Get started with your Managed Service today.

Looking to Joint Venture with your friends and associates?

Our professional team, can work with you to discuss best options to (joint venture) JV with other people that you already know - By combining funds with your friends and associates, understanding how to use Special Purpose Vehicles for projects and managing your JV.