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Just a few Sourcing Investments Verified Success Stories

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Tim Sanders - UK, Hong Kong and South Africa

Tim is a UK national and a retired Acrobat (yes we kid you not…) from Macau and now in South Africa, continues to invest in the UK

Tim uses all aspects of Sourcing Investments to continue to grow his property portfolio. Watch his death defying acrobatics and testimonial now.
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Moira Kincaid - New Zealand

Moira is from New Zealand and has purchased 4 properties in the UK with Sourcing Investments

Being very open and honest, she discusses the challenges and how Sourcing Investments has helped with her problems along her journey so far.
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Marc Wong - Hong Kong

Marc is from Hong Kong and is buying HMOs throughout the UK through Sourcing Investments

He discusses how the new Renovation Escrow Service has increased his financial protection for each project he now does
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Clarissa de la Paz - Singapore

Clarissa is from the Philippines but now lives in Singapore. Clarissa has had a successful start to her investment journey with Sourcing Investments, purchasing 5 properties so far.  Watch the video testimonial to find out more.

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Dave Lam - Hong Kong

Dave Lam, the CEO of WholeLife Capital (International) Limited, got himself trained on UK property investing and has now become a very successful investor, focusing on building a high yielding HMO portfolio through Sourcing Investments. Watch his testimonial now.

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Nana and Ellen Attafuah - Switzerland

Nana and his wife Ellen, both work in high powered careers in Geneva. Nana is a UK citizen and had a property in London. Having realised that to secure his future he needed cash flow and not just capital growth, his investment strategy on Sourcing Investments is high yielding HMOs with a long term rental contract. Watch their testimonial now.

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Sonia Paget - Switzerland

Sonia is based in Switzerland and has used Sourcing Investments and all the power teams, to start her investment portfolio focusing on BTL and Flip strategies in the north of the UK. Watch her testimonial now.

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HC Chan - Hong Kong

HC, also known as Joe, is a highly regarded Medical professional in Hong Kong. (hence at his request to not have a photo for security reasons) He started by investing in two 7 bed HMOs, and he could not say it any better than “It is never too late to start, trust yourself and trust the SI power team, your life will be different.”

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Mark Whelan - Singapore

Mark and his family are based in Singapore. Within 48 hours of putting in an offer, secured his first deal, a nine-bedroom HMO which he then added a basement with 2 more bedrooms. Now it is complete, his calculations show a net yield of 18%!

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Christie Dao - Singapore

Christie used to work at a high-tech company for 20 years and then chose property investing as a second career because properties can give her: 1. Monthly cash flow and 2. Capital appreciation over time. As Christie states “I can’t really think of any other investment vehicle that has similar returns and potential.”

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Phyllis Lim - Singapore / Hong Kong

Phyllis enjoyed her career as a Human Resources Professional for over 10 years before she left Singapore as a trailing spouse.  Due to her husband’s work assignments, they have lived in Beijing, Taipei and Hong Kong during the last 10 years.  She intended to return to the workforce however taking up a full-time job would mean she will have less time to spend with her family and my hobbies. Phyllis found investing very hard prior to joining Sourcing Investments, and continues to purchase multiple properties and has become a prolific professional investor.

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Craig Chou - Hong Kong

Craig and his wife and have two children and live in Hong Kong. Their journey into property investment was based around a simple aim: To create passive income for their kids’ education, and their own retirement. In Craig’s own words “but most of all, we are having fun doing property more than other investment tools.” 

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Rosanne Kuit - Hong Kong

Rosanne, is from Hong Kong, and not only has purchased her first investment property through Sourcing Investments, but all information has been verified by her. Sourcing Investments is always driving quality and the results of the Proposed vs Actual are superb – She now has an HMO producing a verified 12.52% gross yield!

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Bjorn Andreassen - Norway

Bjorn is from Norway and decided on a simple BTL strategy to start his investment journey. He now has a property that has £10,000 of equity in it and has a gross rental yield of 11.7%.

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With so many more to come...

Every week, Sourcing Investments are proving that transparency, trust and good business all combine to achieve great results, therefore we will continue to add more testimonials of our clients, who want to prove to the world that being part of a great team, really does produce results for everyone…