UK Mentorship Programme

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Learn to take control of your money, time and future with a personalised live UK property mentorship programme available from anywhere in the world

What Do You Get?

When you join the Mentorship Programme you will receive the following:

Pre Mentorship Strategy Call

A personalised call with our Mentorship Team prepares you in advance, so you will get the most out of your upcoming mentorship

Access to your own private Training Platform

Access exclusive content, documents, checklists, videos and customer support from your own private area

30 hours of Live Training (241)

30 hours of live online interactive mentoring delivered over 3 or 6 month stages by the Mentors of your choosing

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

By working in a group of 4, through sharing, challenging each other and aligning experiences; is proven your own learning will increase dramatically

14 modules Covering all Investing Business Areas

From Setting your Strategies, Setting up Business Systems, Investment Analysis, and Local Area Research and much more...

Learn from your Power Team

In addition to the live training, during your mentorship programme you will be taught by key members of your team; Accountants, Finance Brokers, FX Brokers, Solicitors and Surveyors

30 day and 90 day Challenges

To make sure you keep on track, you work with your mentors to achieve goals at key intervals post mentorship

1 year Post Mentorship Support

We believe your long term success only comes with long term support: Means you are safe knowing your Mentors are always with you every step of your journey

Access to Sourcing Investments

1 year complimentary access to SI platform, to turn your learning into results, securely from anywhere in the world

**Bonus** All individuals on Mentorships will automatically join the Exclusive SI Alumni – and will receive exclusive access to Sourcing Investments Private Client networking groups, which receive Exclusive Support, Content, Q&A sessions, video training, and access to potential JV partners for 1 year

Who Should Join?

If you live Internationally or in the UK it does not matter! This programme is ideal for you if you are:

An Entrepreneur

You have a new business and are seeking to grow your investments and cash

A Business Owner

You have one or more companies with teams and overhead to manage

An Employee

You want to find a way to generate extra income and cash flow

What Are the Benefits?

Learn from Anywhere

The comprehensive programme is delivered live, using the latest interactive technologies, allowing you to get the full benefit of effective learning from anywhere in the world

No Waiting or Travel Costs

Start immediately! No need to arrange travel, flights, accommodation or take holiday, You can start working closely with your mentors right away

Never Compromise

You will have Two Mentors throughout your programme which includes Full Investment Business Set Up, Meet all your Power Team members and be ready to execute right away

Stages 1 & 2


Module 1 – Property Types and Strategies

Learn in detail about the various property types in the UK and the key characteristics of each investment strategy to get the best outcome

Module 2 – Area Analysis

Understand which property types can be purchased in the different regions of the UK and identify which area(s) may be suitable for your investment needs

Module 3 – Goals and Business Planning

You will work with your Mentors to create a high level business plan; and then clearly map out your strategy, goals and investment journey

Module 4 – Live Property Surveys

Learn the key role of a RICS qualified Surveyor and how to effectively interpret, understand and utilise the different types of Property Surveys to mitigate investment risk

Stages 3 & 4


Module 5 – Property Analysis

To understand how to research market data and produce a comprehensive report that can be used with multiple professionals (e.g. Banks, Brokers, Angel Investors etc)

Module 6 – Live 360 Property Visits

Using the latest 360 camera technology, you will control your journey though various types of properties and learn what key questions to ask Surveyors, Estate, Lettings, and Sourcing Agents

Module 7 – Property Buying Process

Learn in detail the property buying process and how with a few key steps, you are able to turn it into your advantage, when purchasing investment property

Module 8 – Finance & Tax Strategies

Learn and understand that there are many ways of financing a property investment to maximise your investment returns and at same time reduce your risk

Stages 5 & 6


Module 9 – Refurbishments

Understand what is involved in the refurbishment process, how to add value to properties effectively, and learn to use cutting edge systems and processes, so you are always in control at every stage

Module 10 – Management

Understand what your role and responsibility is in managing your properties and your power teams from afar. Learn tried and tested processes and systems to help you optimise your investment portfolio

Module 11 – HMOs

Understand how to identify a House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) and what are the key responsibilities for an investor

Module 12/13 – Presentation & Bonuses

“By teaching others you retain over 90% of what you learn” – So by combining all of the knowledge from the mentorship, you will be required to present a detailed investment proposal to your group – Plus you will receive Extra Bonus Module 14

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