The Secure Client Bank Account for Property Investors and Sourcers.

The Safe, Simple, and Secure Way to Manage Your Property Transactions

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For both Property Investors and Property Sourcers it’s essential to protect the property sourcing and renovation fees.  Our insurance backed, ring-fenced client bank account does just that. 

Who can use the client Bank account?

Escrow Client Bank Account

Sourcing Agents

Streamline your business operations by securing your fees and transactions. Our Client Account acts as your financial safeguard, keeping you compliant and protecting the fees for your work.

Escrow Client Bank Account

Property Investors

Whether you’re buying your first property or expanding your portfolio, our Client Account protects your project funds and sourcing fee and ensures your investments are managed with utmost care.

Escrow Client Bank Account


Use our Client Account to maintain the financial integrity of your projects. Manage fees without the hassle of maintaining multiple accounts or dealing with legal complexities.

Escrow Client Bank Account

Int. Investors

With the Sourcing Investments Client Account, transfer sourcing fees from abroad with confidence, knowing your international investments are secure and straightforward.

Why Choose Sourcing Investments Client Bank Account?

Escrow Client Bank Account
  • Peace of Mind

    With the Sourcing Investments Client Bank Account, your money is protected every step of the way, ensuring that your fees/project funds are only released when all parties fulfill their contractual obligations.

  • Simplified Process

    Avoid the complexity and delay of setting up a separate client account. Our Client Account setup is quick, secure, and backed by comprehensive insurance – your transactions are safe with us.

  • Cost-Effective

    We offer a clear, flat-rate fee of 18% for the security and convenience of our Client Bank Account services. No hidden fees, no surprises.

How the Client Bank Account Works

Common Challenges Addressed

Risk of Loss

Never worry about the loss of funds due to incomplete transactions or contractor disputes.

Delayed Projects

With funds secured and released on schedule, project delays are minimised, ensuring efficiency and trust.

Regulatory Compliance

Our service adheres to strict regulatory standards, saving you from potential legal troubles.

Ready to protect your funds and fees for your latest property?

Fill out our simple form below and leverage the power of the Sourcing Investments Client Account. No complications, no waiting periods—just complete protection for your hard-earned money.

How it works

Sourcing Investments acts as a middleman between the Investor and the Sourcer.  Because we’re independent, we ensure a fair and safe transaction for both parties. Our service holds the payment securely and only releases it once the agreed conditions (such as successfully buying the property) have been achieved.

1 – An offer on a property has been accepted.  Investors now complete this form. 
2 – Within 48 hours, Investors should transfer the sourcing fee to our Client Bank Account
3 – In 2-3 business days, we confirm that we’ve received your funds.
4 – Once the property purchase is complete, the sourcing fee is released to the sourcer.

Using the form

When you are ready to transfer funds, fill in the form below to let us know that the money is being deposited in our Client Bank Account.

Note: The form only notifies us of the transfer. You must carry out the actual transfer yourself through your bank with the details we provide.

Sourcing Investments Property Marketplace

Terms of Business you have accepted and agreed to be bound by.

  • Next, please transfer your sourcing fee - plus any transfer charges - to our secure escrow account.


    Here are our details: (Please make a note of these numbers/letters or screenshot. You will receive the remaining account numbers by email)



What is the fee for using the Client Bank Account?

A flat fee of 18% is applied to each transaction made through the Client Bank Account service, with no additional charges.

How is the Sourcing Investments Client Bank Account better than a traditional escrow service?

Our Client Bank Account offers the same level of security as a traditional escrow with added benefits tailored to the property investment industry, including compliance checks, insurance backing, and a straightforward fee structure.

What happens if a property deal falls through?

Funds are securely held until the completion of the deal. If a transaction fails, we facilitate the fair and agreed-upon distribution of funds back to the respective parties.

Can I use the Client Bank Account for international transactions?

Yes, our Client Account is designed to handle both domestic and international property investment transactions on UK property securely.

What if I disagree with a transaction or release of funds?

Our service includes a resolution centre and a step-by-step dispute resolution process, ensuring that any disagreements are handled fairly and with full transparency.

How quickly are funds released once a deal is concluded?

Funds are typically released within a few working days after the deal’s completion, provided all contractual conditions are met.

Are there any transaction limits for the Client Bank Account?

No, our Client Account can handle transactions of any size, accommodating the needs of small and large investors alike.

How does Sourcing Investments protect my personal information?

We use industry-leading security protocols to ensure that all personal and transactional information is kept confidential and secure.

Is the Client Bank Account mandatory for all transactions?

While not mandatory, we highly recommend using our Client Account for the added security and benefits it provides to all parties involved in a property transaction.

Our Client Account includes a standard legal contract for all transactions, which outlines the steps to be taken in the event of a dispute, ensuring legal clarity and protection for your investment.


  • Tina K. ( Sourcing Agent )

    With the Sourcing Investments Client Account, your investment is protected every step of the way, ensuring that your funds are only released when all parties fulfill their contractual obligations.

  • Tim S. ( Investor )

    "Using the Sourcing Investments Client Account gave me the confidence to invest without the fear of unregulated transactions. The simplicity and security are unmatched."


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Sourcing Investments Property Marketplace
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