Find out about our company and our values.

What We Do

Sourcing Investments began with a two-part mission, which we remain true to today:

To deliver the opportunity for property investment returns which most investors would find hard to replicate themselves, and to make the process of executing investments easier, more efficient, quicker and more secure.

In short, to be THE marketplace for property investors.

For both investors and property investment sourcing agents, the problem has always been finding each other! Investors need credible, trustworthy sourcing agents to source properties. Agents need serious investors who are ready, capable and competent to invest.

Our pre-qualified membership, for both investors and sourcers, provides that both parties are committed to doing business – cutting out time-wasters and scammers.

Our Track Record

Headquartered in London, Sourcing Investments has been operating successfully since late 2015. Although we are a young company, our key personnel have decades of experience in property, investment and technology.

Our team has already been able to help many dozens of investors fulfil their property investment ambitions, delivering returns that far exceed UK averages. By February 2019, our investors had made a total of 342 property investments, representing in excess of £35M in total investments… and we are adding to that total every week.

Investors on our platform enjoy high rates of success in their property deals — in other words, Sourcing Investments deals are more likely to move from an offer through to a sale. This saves our subscribers substantial time, money and frustration.

We set out to deliver to investors returns that they would struggle to source themselves – At October 2018, on the properties that had been completed on the platform to date, the average projected gross yield on those properties was over 14%.

Now, to be clear, that’s the projected return as set out and estimated by the sourcer at the time of the deal, who is forecasting future rental income, and of course covers a wide range, and we all know that the past is no guide to the future – but having recently begun a process to verify the level of actual returns achieved on historic investments, the results so far show that the projected returns are being met in the invested properties – giving us real confidence that our investors are far outperforming average UK property returns.

£36m Value of investments to June 2019
355 Number of investments made to June 2019
101+ Number of investments opportunities live now!
24 hours Average time until first offer is made

How We Do It

Sourcing Investments has built the online platform and back office to bring investors and agents into a highly secure, trusted and proven investment marketplace.

We pre-qualify and vet both the investors and the agents on our platform to ensure both sets of stakeholders have the prerequisite knowledge and expertise to transact.

We then provide all of the tools and systems, and we do everything we can to smooth the buying and selling process. This includes a multi-functional searchable grid of investment opportunities, connection to our power team of experts and advisers, a highly secure and auditable communication and conversation area, a full insurance backed escrow account and real human being support in the back office, plus much more.

Whether we’re dealing with smaller investors, or those acquiring extensive portfolios, we take pride in the quality of our product, our support and our customer service. We’re happy to say that our client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Our clients are recognising what we have delivered, not least how much more simple we’ve made the investment process — and are delighted at the profits they’re making. Not that we’re complacent, we are all about continuous improvement and are actively seeking to improve all aspects of our offering.

Our Power Teams

As part of making the investment process as straightforward and efficient as possible, Sourcing Investments has partnered with a range of advisers and service providers to deliver expert solutions to Sourcing Investments customers.

These parties come together to form the Sourcing Investments Power Team, which investors can utilise to effectively execute their deals.

  • Solicitors/Conveyancers
  • Finance Brokers
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Utility providers
  • Foreign Exchange Brokers
  • Surveyors
  • Property research and due diligence providers

All of our Power Team members have been hand-picked and pre-vetted and pre-qualified by Sourcing Investments, ensuring they have the appropriate credentials, reputation, quality of product and appropriate pricing to work with our investors, should investors choose to utilise their services.

Security And Confidence

A key part of what we have delivered is a method of improving the security, trust and confidence in the property investment market and process – this is a market which, like many, has its share of unscrupulous operators, so we have worked hard to find ways to eradicate some of the risks involved.

By vetting our users, and monitoring their behaviours, including investors, sourcers, power team members and anyone we interact with, we start by trying to ensure that we are dealing with high quality operators.

We have then built a secure technology platform, using up to date and highest quality security technology, to provide users with confidence. Many of the features and tools on the platform have been designed to improve user trust in the investment process, for example our conversation area, which records the entire conversation between parties, giving all sides a complete record of a deal, which can be invaluable in any dispute, or the escrow service, designed in a ringfenced and insured account, to hold sourcer fees with us at Sourcing Investments until released to the sourcer, or returned to the investor, depending on the outcome of the deal.

The directors of Sourcing Investments take business integrity and reputation very seriously. Whilst we work in a largely unregulated area of the investment market, we operate our business with risk systems and compliance measures that we would expect to put in place in a heavily regulated environment. We are conscious that for many of our investors we are supporting them in putting their life savings to work – we are constantly reminded of this and understand the gravity and responsibility of this role.

Investment in UK Property

Investment trends come and go, but for careful, knowledgeable investors, property remains one of the most tried-and-tested, proven ways of accumulating wealth.

Anyone who reads the UK news is aware of the chronic shortage of affordable housing. This shortage is unlikely to be corrected for many years, creating solid opportunities for intelligent investment in the UK market. As well as generating profit, our investors help the housing shortage by returning properties to the home and rental market.

Sourcing Investments are experienced UK property investors, with a deep knowledge of the market.

Our expertise means that we are ideally placed to help investors, including international investors, understand the current market conditions and how to maximise their chances of success.