Sourcing Agents

We have built this platform with you in mind – the complete solution for your sourcing business

Sourcing Investments connects committed property Investors with compliant property sourcing agents – we are looking for the best sourcing agents out there, to service the many thousands of Investors who visit our site each month.


We set out with a vision for property investing, which we remain true to today:

To deliver the opportunity for superior property investment returns which most Investors would find hard to replicate themselves

To make the process of executing investments easier, more efficient, quicker and more secure. In short, to be THE marketplace for property investment

To deliver on that vision we built the marketplace very much with the business of sourcing in mind – we have created the ultimate platform for sourcing agents, to enable them to operate their business in the most efficient way, maximising their revenue and helping them to manage risk and compliance.

Why spend half of your time trying to find new trusted clients and the other half sourcing potential investment properties, when you can now spend all your time focusing on revenue-generating activities for your business and executing more deals? Sourcing Investments gives you access to outstanding deal distribution. For sourcers we eliminate huge amounts of customer relationship management activity, allowing you to really focus on what makes your money rather than wasting your time and effort elsewhere.

For Investors, we uniquely combine property education, along with access to the platform to get deals done, along with long term support on their deals from our property professionals.  So you, as a sourcer, are getting higher calibre Investors, who are efficiently using the platform on your deal, and you know that they are being properly supported during the transaction.

Complete Business Solution

The following features are available to you as the Souring Agent:

Huge Global Audience

Showcase your properties to the thousands of global Investors visiting our site each month.

Professional Business Marketing

White-label our platform and its tools for your business and your Investor network.

Compliance Management

Take the hassle out of managing your compliance and regulatory requirements.

Contractual Protection

Get complete contractual legal protection that safeguards your deals and your business.

Manage Communications

Keep all your communications in one place and keep a record of your conversations.

Secured Sourcer Fees

Ensure that you are paid for every deal using our escrow system

Refurb Project Management

A complete project management tool for refurbishments is fully integrated into your deals.

Access Anywhere

Any device, anywhere, upload properties, message Investors, receive offers, all on the move.

Data and Digital Insight

Our system provides detailed data and analytics to help you drive your business.

Scalable CRM

Use our scalable Customer Relationship Management system to easily manage multiple Investors across multiple projects

Business Dashboard

Use your personalised business dashboard for quick access to your business and deals.

Resolution Service

Independent resolution service if problems arise with Investors on deals

Specialist Sourcer Insurance

Our insurer designed a best in class insurance product for SI Sourcers that want it