Platform Features

A comprehensive suite of tools to support your sourcing business at every level

Global Investor Audience

We have thousands of visitors to our website every month and, at any given time, hundreds of registered investors actively searching the properties on our system. Our Investors are from across the world, English speaking, and are searching for best in class property returns. You can showcase your own properties and deals to your own Investor network, using the platform, and at the same time to the Investors in our wider global network, vastly increasing your deal distribution capability. So rather than spending many hours building your own Investor database, you leverage ours for your sourcing business.

Professional Business Marketing

The SI platform can be white-labelled, using our platform and all of its tools, for your business, your deals and your Investors. This is available to all sourcers on the platform. You get your own landing and listing page, with your company’s branding, customisable by you. This means your business can present a high tech investment solution to any Investor you ever encounter.

Compliance Management

From GDPR compliance, to AML checking, then HMRC and Ombudsman registration, through to the complexities of the legal process for sourcers, the platform enables you to efficiently manage your compliance workload. This drives greater transparency and better standards of regulation and, importantly, gives Investors confidence in their sourcer.   Being a member of our team allows you to take advantage of our technology and knowhow to make sure you are operating with the very best business practices.

Contractual Protection

We provide a standardised set of legal contracts between the parties. Sourcers and Investors are subject to terms and conditions when using the platform, and when deals are done on the platform these are on standard terms directly between the Sourcer and the Investor.  This gives all parties good levels of legal protection, helping to manage risk and safeguard your deals and your business.

Secure Communications

When it’s time to make a deal, all the communication is done through our bespoke secure conversation facility, which we created as an industry leader – it’s a far safer, more transparent way of doing business that protects all of the parties involved. It’s convenient too, with everything stored in one place, there’s no more losing that one vital message. All conversations are stored in your personalised area, to ensure an entire record is there for you of who said what and when, giving far more transparency to the whole investment process.

Secure Sourcer Fees

We brought the use of an escrow service to the property sourcing fee arena – the first of its kind.  Our escrow account is a secure, ringfenced and insurance backed bank account, monitored and administered by Sourcing Investments. Investors deposit their sourcing fees into the account, to be held until a deal is concluded. If a transaction doesn’t proceed to completion then the funds can be distributed accordingly, to the Sourcer and Investor in line with their agreed contract. As a result, all parties know where they stand and know that sourcing fees will end up in the right place at the conclusion of a deal and ensuring that you get paid for every deal you close.

Refurb Project Management

A complete project management tool for refurbishments is fully integrated into your deals. Our system drives security, protection and structure on the project management aspects of any refurbishment or building works and allows you to effectively plan refurbishment projects and manage the cashlow of the project, protecting you and the Investor, whilst giving the contractor the confidence that they will get paid when works are complete. Our integrated Renovation Escrow Service provides an elegant and integrated solution to the long-standing property sector problems around managing the cashflow on refurb projects.

Access anywhere

The platform has been designed to work on any device, from anywhere, making your sourcing business completely mobile. You can upload properties, message Investors and receive offers, all on the move. Our instant communications platform enables efficient conversations with Investors in real time – no more returning to the office to wade through your email inbox.

Data and Digital Insight

Our system provides detailed data and analytics to help you drive your business. We collect data from all the activity on the site – do you know which properties in your area are attracting the most views – is it the two bed BTL flats, or the 4 bed HMOs? How do your sourcing fees compare with the competition? How attractive is your area compared to others?  Our platform unlocks powerful business insight for you.

Scalable CRM

Use our scalable Customer Relationship Management system to easily manage multiple Investors across multiple projects. Your own Investors are kept separately from the wider pool of SI Investors, yet when you upload your deals, all Investors will get to see the opportunities. This means you have more chance to find an Investor for your deal and the tools to effectively monitor, manage and communicate with the Investor base.

Business Dashboard

Your personalised Business Dashboard provides you quick and effective access to your business tools and your deals. The platform has been designed to save sourcers hours of precious time. Finding that perfect Investor – the one that matches the specific investment opportunity you have sourced – can be a long and tedious process. Our system puts an end to wading through endless unsuitable Investors.

Resolution Service

In the real world we must be ready for all eventualities and therefore if a difficult situation arises, then the independent Sourcing Investments Resolution Centre is here to assist with any issues with Investors on your deals. Sourcing Investments requires all its sourcers to be registered with the TPO or PRS and we work closely with the ombudsman to bring about efficient and fair resolution.

Account Manager & Support

From advice on how to work effectively with Investors, through to understanding your data, or day to day help with particular issues, SI supports you throughout, to enable the development of your business. Our easy-to-use interface gives you quick access to expert help and, together with your own dedicated Account Manager, we make your route to growth as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Verified Investor Programme

We operate our own Verified Investor Programme.  Investors can gain “Verified Investor” status by passing a knowledge test to demonstrate their understanding, evidencing their UK bank account is in place and completing their full profile. This gives you, the sourcer, the opportunity to choose which Investors to work with, and to look out for those who are Verified Status so that you can choose to work with the best calibre Investors in the system.

Flexible Plans

We provide to different plans for sourcers, both with the same capability, but with different economics for different types of sourcer. One plan for new or part time sourcers, who are likely to do between one and three deals per year, and a second plan for the full time professional sourcing businesses, likely to be doing more than three deals per year. For more information on pricing and plans, click here.

Power Team

To supplement your own “power team” of experts you use locally, we have assembled our Power Team of trusted and experienced professionals, that you can lean on to support your deals and your clients as needed. They include lawyers, finance brokers (with exclusive deals for SI users) accounting services, FX brokers, insurance brokers, RICS surveyors utilities brokers and more. We have preferred rates with most of these suppliers. All there to make the business of property investing that much easier.

Education Platform

We deliver ‘best in class’ property education and training for investors, enhancing the skills and knowledge of Investors. This makes them better customers for our sourcers to deal with, as they are better equipped. Our programmes include a range of resources from downloadable videos, to online group training, to the most comprehensive and in-depth one-to-one tutoring, suiting all skills levels and all budgets.  You can refer your Investors to the education platform, to improve the quality of your Investors and to receive referral fees from SI.

Collaboration & Best Practice

As part of the SI family we bring you together with a community of sourcers, with our own dedicated Facebook Group for SI sourcers, along with SI Sourcer meetups, interactive Sourcer webinars and newsletters. This is all aimed at keeping you informed and enabling you to interact with the entire Sourcer group, find answers to your questions, keep up to date with best practices, industry news or relevant market changes.

Access to Specialist Sourcer Insurance

We have found that most PI cover for sourcers is inadequate and doesn’t comprehensively cover the business of being a sourcer. To that end we worked with our own insurer to design a best in class insurance product for Sourcers. This is a bespoke policy, not “off the-shelf” cover, giving you peace of mind that you have appropriate cover in place. We have preferential rates for Sourcing Investments users with cover from A-rated insurers