Buy to Let Rent Rise.  The UK property market has been incredibly buoyant over the course of the pandemic with strong growth seen across nearly all areas of the UK.

Buy to let rent and rental rates are on the rise.

In London which saw rental rates and capital growth remain stagnant, the picture is now starting to change. Key areas have seen a 54% drop in the number of properties available which has driven rents up to 38% higher.

Across the UK rents have been increasing steadily over the course of the pandemic.  In many of the areas favoured by Sourcing Investments investors & agents, we have seen rent and capital growth rises of 10%.  England as a whole saw an average rise of 6.5%.

The outlook for buy to let rent?

The picture looks set to continue with low unemployment figures and credit lines growing.  Although a Bank of England rate rise is likely, it is not expected to rise significantly.

For investors, we see more commercial to residential opportunities becoming available and a steady flow of buy to let properties from the backlog of repossessions currently being processed by the courts.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest trends in the UK property market and with the recent launch of our new Sourcer packages, there will be even more great property investment opportunities on the Sourcing Investments Platform.

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Chris Dowty

CEO, Sourcing Investments

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Sourcing Investments Property Marketplace
Sourcing Investments Property Marketplace
Sourcing Investments Property Marketplace
Sourcing Investments Property Marketplace