Lucid Property Group (Ben Coates)

Lucid Property Group (Ben Coates)

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Lucid Property Group currently consists of one Director - Ben Coates and was incorporated back in May 2020. The company has numerous connections and team members throughout the country (primarily North of Birmingham) that have assisted the company with providing the best possible product & service to its clients.

The company has been actively sourcing since the back end of 2020 and has been growing steadily ever since, the company has online assistance from team members in order to help grow and develop the business.

Lucid Property Group mainly focuses on Buy To Let Residential properties mainly within West Midlands, Greater Manchester, Yorkshire and a few other Northern Regions. With property price ranges varying from £50,000 up to £200,000+

Area Profile: North of Birmingham

There's not one specific City that we focus on, it's more so specific regions that we focus on such as West Midlands (Primarily Birmingham), Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and Greater Manchester. We have individuals based within these areas that are able to provide us with in-depth knowledge of the specific location in which the property is based, so rather than restricting to only one City / Area we find it's better to expand to multiple providing you've got the right trustworthy connections in the area.

Suggested Investment Strategies:
Buy to Let (Typical target demographics: Families and Professionals)
Multi Let/HMO (Typical target demographics: Professionals)

PRS Registration expires 20/07/2024
ICO Certificate expires 22/06/2024
HMRC AML Certificate expires 31/08/2023
PI Insurance expires 25/04/2024
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